About us


Front Range Indoor Billboard Network (IBN) provides community-focused marketing designed with small businesses in mind. We are the largest provider of indoor digital billboards in Colorado, with over 200 screens statewide and access to over 3,000 across the country.

Local businesses are essential to our communities, and we believe each one deserves to be top of mind in their neighborhood. We use digital signage and mobile marketing solutions to provide the targeted exposure you need at prices you can afford!


Our platform is designed to help spread your message in your community – whether that’s your neighborhood or the entire nation!

We place silent digital screens in local businesses to reach an audience that’s both more targeted and diverse than most platforms can deliver. You choose which screens to advertise on based on your target audience (e.g. a Spanish grocery store might want to advertise with our partner Cuba Bakery).

What’s more? We built this network for businesses of any size. No marketing department? No problem! We’ll help you every step of the way and create your content at no extra cost, so you can do what you best…run you business!


Modern marketing has left many local businesses invisible in their own neighborhoods. Most platforms are designed by and for large corporations.

After running several small businesses, we decided to build an advertising platform where local business had an edge. By leveraging partnerships and technology, we built a network where everyone can get the exposure they need at a price they can afford.


Kari and her son Nick founded Front Range IBN together because they believe that community and family still can have a place in business. Working with them means working with a team that understands exactly what your business means to you.