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It’s About Building Meaningful Connections With Likeminded People

More than ever before, people are looking to buy from brands they feel align with their values.

Customers want to build an authentic relationship with the companies they love and to be treated like real human beings.

So, how do businesses give customers what they want? Those who are building a loyal customer following successfully are incorporating community advertising into their marketing strategy.

But what does that mean and why should you do it?

How Do You Define Community Advertising?

A community in the marketing sense is the people who support, enjoy, and align with your brand. In other words, they are your people.

They’re the ones who are following what you’re doing and believe in your business or product.

Following on from this, then, community advertising is about just that. Advertising to the people who are in your community.

These can be previous customers, potential customers who’ve shown an interest in your business, and the audience you want to target.


If you’re a small business, marketing can be a challenge. You may not have the budget to have a marketing department and it can be hard to know exactly how to do it.

How do you know who your target customer is?

What do people like about your brand?

Where do you find your community (on and offline)?

How can you reach more people?

Community advertising is not an easy thing to do. It takes time, perseverance, and dedication. It’s about building genuine relationships and not simply about selling.

To do it successfully, you need to be able to answer the questions above. Once you know where your community is, it’s about showing up where they are.

Typically, this might involve using digital marketing tools like email, social media, and your website. It may also involve attending local events or in-store advertising such as indoor billboards.

What Are the Benefits?

Some of the benefits of community advertising include:

  • Generating more business – Your business needs customers to survive. When you advertise to your community, you’re talking to people who want to buy from you. In targeting your ideal customer base with your marketing, it’s likely that you’ll make more sales and attract new customers.
  • A better customer experience – People are getting tired of traditional marketing techniques. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold to. With community advertising, you’re creating an environment that customers feel excited and passionate about. They know that you really care about them. This nurtures long-lasting relationships.
  • More word-of-mouth business What do people do when they find something they love? They tell other people! Creating a community helps build a loyal customer base that is going to spread the word about your business.


Utilizing community advertising in your business can help you to build a closer bond with your current customers while also attracting new ones.

It’s a much more targeted form of marketing that might take some extra time and effort. The benefit? Reaching the right people and building a strong brand image.

We can help you with your community advertising. Want to learn more? Get in touch, and we’ll let you know more about what we do.